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This Add-on to your browser has been blocked or disabled.
Your add-on has been blocked or disabled because it is known to be malware, has known security vulnerabilities (especially in the case of plugins), is known to cause instability, or known to cause (severe) usability issues. In the latter 2 cases, when the blocked or disabled add-on is an extension, you may be able to find an alternative on our add-ons site.

This is a Pale Moon specific blocklist entry.

Additional information:

AdNauseam has been blocked because it is classified as severely harmful to the
internet ecosystem (specifically website owners) and causes privacy issues for
the user by generating traffic to advertiser sites.
It is malware in that it misrepresents itself as combating "ad surveillance"
while it make users of the extension many times more visible to advertising
networks. In addition, its behavior makes users participate in a bot network.

More extensive details can be found on the forum:

Severity level:2 -- you can use the extension at your own risk and continue
damaging small-time publishers by lowering your extension security level in
options (Pale Moon v27.5 or above)

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